Instant Facial Restoration Miracle by Jesus

This was Tues. May 14th. My face felt very heavy and tight. It felt like my face was about to explode. I was in tremendous pain and the skin was burning and blistered and had oozing open sores all over it. I was supposed to be in Washington DC on Saturday May 18th. My Pastor, Pastor Peter Uba prophesied over me that I would be going to Washington DC with him and the team but not with this face. He said Jesus will give you a new face by Friday night and new skin like a baby's skin. In Jesus name.
This is how I still looked on Wednesday May 15th right before prayer meeting.  With only two days left until we were leaving for Washington DC, I needed an instant miracle. The presence of God was so strong during prayer and worship time.  Pastor called me up to be prayed for.  He looked at this face and said , "You are so beautiful."  I heard these words as if my Heavenly Father himself spoke deeply to something within me and something like a heavy mask left my face immediately.
Immediately everyone saw miraculously my face changing very rapidly. They were in awe of what they were witnessing with their own eyes! Within 5 minutes my face looked like this!  Jesus had touched me just like he did in Matthew 8 when He healed the leper instantly.  I had received an instant miracle!  Praise be to Jesus!  He still heals today.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  He never changes!  Hallelujah!
This was 30 minutes after prayer. See how the swelling has dropped and my eyes are now visible. My whole face has completely changed!
This is me in Washington DC that weekend.  The third day after prayer it was the completion of the word spoken by the man of God Pastor Uba.  He spoke a word he had heard straight from the throne of God and it was fulfilled just like he spoke here on earth.
It is amazing how the Lord uses human vessels to bring His kingdom on the earth! God is looking for such faithful men and women on the earth. He is looking for the ones that believe in His own Son Jesus Christ. The ones that receive Jesus Christ as their Savior, who believe He gave His life as payment for our sin. Those who receive Jesus' blood as a sacrifice for our sin. These God will fill up with His own Spirit and make them into a new creation. They will be born again. Jesus will take permanent residency in their hearts and when their earthly bodies perish from this earth, they will spend eternity in heaven with Jesus. These are the vessels that while they live on the earth, they will be made to be like Jesus on the earth. They are washed clean by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus is the Lamb of God)and made pure holy vessels. They will hear a word from heaven and release it on the earth and it will come to pass on the earth. Through them, heaven will break into the earth! Miracles will be seen on the earth! Hallelujah, all glory to Jesus!


- Pastor Julie H.




From the time Jessica was born till the time we brought her home, she slept very little, about 8 hours a day, waking up to any little sound. In addition to the lack of sleep, Jessica was constantly sick and doctors prescribed antibiotics, saying that as she grew up, she would eventually outgrow the lack of sleep and her sickness. Her situation only got worst as she grew older, and at around 5yrs, Jessica was diagnosed with hyperactivity. This time no medication was prescribed for her.

While at school, she was not able to sit down or pay attention to her teachers. Jessica’s learning was in small intervals, as she was unable to understand her co

lors, numbers or retain information. As a result of this, she was picked on constantly by other students, and sometimes even teachers. In fact, because of all these issues, the school authorities insisted that she get tested for ADHD. When she was eventually tested for ADHD, and put on medication (Ritalin), the doctor said she would be on Ritalin the rest of her life.

The effects of the medication far surpassed the problem it was made to solve. While on Ritalin, although Jessica was more controllable at school, she would look like a zombie at home. She would sit and stare into blank space and the medication made her stomach to hurt. But we kept her on it, because they said that she would never learn without it. As a result of the problems associated with taking Ritalin, Jessica started missing days at school. At that point, she became so discouraged that she hated school and everything that had to do with it.

Shortly after being diagnosed with ADHD, during one of our visits with a psychiatrist for re-evaluation and medication refill, she again was diagnosed with autism, and we were told that she needed to be on another medication. At that point, I disagreed with the psychiatrist. We decided to visit another psychiatrist for a second opinion only to be told that she had slight

retardation and that we just have to accept the fact that she would probably never leave our home or be able to hold a job without assistance.

I refused to accept all the diagnosis given to Jessica. In my continuous quest for help for her, I went to the Pastor of the Church I attended who later told me that we might just have to accept the diagnosis and start preparing for the future. That was a disturbing remark from a preacher. I thought to myself, “What!? How could you tell me that? What about prayer? What about the healing power of God?” I realized that the church had no answer either. In fact the church I attended then told me that what was happening was the will of God. But I disagreed!

As Jessica grew older, and after switching her medication to something that wouldn’t hurt her stomach, she started having what the doctor’s called nightmares or “night terrors” where she would start screaming in the middle of the night and have a hard time breathing. I would go to her and try to console her, but she would scream and cry for long periods of time and we would just pray until it passed. It got so bad that I had to start sleeping in her room.

When she was 12, at one of our doctor’s visit, Jessica was diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Again, they prescribed another medication, Paxil for her.

As time progressed, Jessica started having cold and congestion on a regular basis. We took her to an allergist where she tested positive for multiple things including Asthma. Yet another medication was prescribed, Advair plus allergy shots twice a week.

Emily was born when Jessica was 10. Emily was as beautiful as Jessica, but her birth added more emotions into the mix. Jessica became very jealous of Emily, because as Emily grew, she did not have any of the issues that Jessica had. The fact that Emily was a quick learner added more to Jessica’s problem. She became even angrier with everyone at home.

Our situation became so bad that in my prayers, I asked God ‘where are Your miracles? Because I know You are the same God back in the days of the bible”. I told God in my prayers ‘‘If You can divide the Red Sea and let your people walk on dry ground, why can’t You heal my daughter Jessica? This is not life the way You intended it. We all knew that’’!

At that point, we were at another church. I went to my new Pastors for prayer, and asked them for help because things have gotten so bad. Jessica would continually argue with Emily to the point where Emily started acting unruly in the house. Emily began to mix up with the wrong crowd and got into the ‘party girls’ routine. There was absolutely no peace in the house because Jessica and Emily were unhappy, hurting, angry girls! I found myself as the referee for everyone in the home! After the Pastors prayed with no results, they told me to kick Jessica out of the house, that after a few days of being on her own, and homeless, she would learn to be obedient to her parent, and be able to hold a job and learn to make it on her own.

That was the final shock. I could not believe that such a comment would come from the Pastors. With all the flood of negative reports from the medical community, and Pastors of the churches I had attended, I almost began to believe in the lies. I thought that if I kick her out, I will deliver the final blow to her! ‘The abandonment of the only person that was fighting for her’. She had thought about suicide several times and I KNEW this would be the thing that would push her over the edge. So I thought to myself, “No! This is not the way!”

- B R E A K T H R O U G H -

Our lives began to change the day we were invited by one of the Pastors at the church we attended to meet this man, a prophet of God. They told me that he was from Africa and that they had seen many miracles through him. So we decided to go and see him.

The first day we came to his meeting, Jessica didn’t want to be there, but I compelled her to be at the meeting, and Praise God I am so glad that I did. As the man of God was speaking, he looked toward our direction and immediately gave a word over my daughters and I. “Household deliverance!” I thought, “WOW!” This is what we had been waiting for all this time, for God to show up and deliver us. Pastor Uba prayed for all of us that night and we were so touched by the power of God that we cried and cried. I knew that this time, THIS was different!

I took the girls home that night, and we all slept so hard throughout the night! We slept like we had never slept before in many years. I slept so deeply that it was very difficult for me to get up and wake the girls for us to go to Church that Sunday morning. When I eventually got myself up, I was unable to get the girls up to prepare for Church. I called the Pastor that had invited me to the meeting with Pastor Uba and he told me not to worry about coming to Church. He said, “Just let them sleep, you aren’t missing anything here.” And they both slept that day until 2 in the afternoon. Wow! Praise God!

Jessica had never slept without the help of medication!! Because we got home so late that night with Pastor Uba, she did not take her nighttime medication, and when Jessica got up the next day, she said she actually felt better than ever before. What an incredible thing to hear!

It has been a very long road with Jessica, but God has been faithful. I have seen Jessica and Emily get delivered from one thing after another. Pastor Uba has been very faithful in praying for Jessica almost every time we come to church service at Glory House, and he has continued to pray for all of us during his personal prayer time.

Jessica is now 25 and she and Emily are both healed completely!! Hallelujah! They are no longer taking any medications or shots whatsoever. Praise God! Jessica sleeps through the night, soundly, without the help of ANY medication, and she now has a full time job. She is getting better each and every day and so is Emily. Jessica has developed a new attitude about herself. She cares less about what people think about her. She now prays for people to be healed and delivered, and she is seeing miracles take place! THIS IS AMAZING!

Emily and Jessica are now the best of friends. They listen to each other and talk like friends. I never thought in all my years, that God could mend a family like He has done for us. I am so thankful to the Lord for all He has done for me and my girls. He has been faithful in all His ways!! He has answered our prayers and He has delivered us!

I can tell you without any uncertainty that coming to Glory House was the best thing that we have ever done, other than the salvation we received from our Lord Jesus Christ. And that I know that Pastor Peter Uba is a true servant of God!!

Not everything has been easy for us. We had to make a commitment to God that we would serve Him in Spirit and in truth and walk holy before Him all our lives. As a mom, after all we have seen and experienced, I know that Glory House is the place we have to be. And being under the leadership of Pastor Peter Uba has been the best decision that we have ever made.

Our lives are forever changed. Apart from the deliverance my daughters received, I myself have been delivered from Asthma, pain, rejection, depression, just name it! Praise the living God! The ONLY medication we take everyday in our home is the WORD OF GOD. It is real, and it works with no side effects. Amen and Amen!!





Prayer for Deliverance on Flight

Greetings Pastor, Peter Uba!
I am the lady on flight from Singapore/Moscow to Houston, that requested prayer for deliverance for my nephew of 23 yrs old from marijuana addiction. Today, my family and I claim his deliverance since the day you prayed and layed your hand over mine in prayer for his deliverance. I arrived home from our flight and shared with everyone in our family that the Lord showed me on flight that you are a man of God with the gift of healing and deliverance by laying of hands. I told them that I reached out to you requesting prayer for Sean.
I am writing to you for two reasons. First, I want to share with you the beginning of Sean's deliverance. I realize that deliverance can happen immediately or it can be a process of time. I believe Sean's deliverance will be a process of time but we already are seeing the beginning of it. Couple of days after sharing the News with Sean's mother, my sister, she called telling me that from nowhere, Sean expressed wanting to get his hair cut. Never in Sean's life has he ever had a "boy" hair cut. It was actually very long, maybe close to his waist. Sean not only expressed it but he asked his mother to go with him to get it cut, to the woman that has only trimmed his hair for many years. She was in disbelief hearing him say he wanted his hair cut short. She asked several times because she didn't understand what he meant when saying he wanted it short. Finally she asked, as in a boy cut? He answered yes!
Today he looks like a transformed person simply having a hair cut in itself. All our family realizes his hair cut is the beginning of his deliverance. We all have him in our prayers and look forward to bigger things to begin happening. We serve an awesome God! Life is exciting and rewarding serving God!
My second reason for writing, you mentioned you will be ministering in San Diego in August, you hoped Sean could attend. I couldn't find information regarding dates and location for this when I went online. Can you provide me with this information. My sister said Sean expressed an interest to attend, as did his father, Keith. I understand there are several other people with an interest as well, and I would like passing this info on to them.
I thank God for having placed us on the same flight, for having revealed to me that you are a man of God with the gift of healing and deliverance by laying of hands, and for you actually praying for Sean. I thank God for men like you. And I thank Him for giving you the freedom of worship and prayer, as you did on our flight.
If you can please provide the dates & location. I look forwarding to hearing from you.
God Bless You! And Thank you!


- Rose B.



Household Deliverance

The first time I came to Glory House Church in 2011, I was sick, depressed and lonely, had severe asthma, severe back pain, my feet constantly hurt, and I had three jobs just to make ends meet. My daughters and I had really thought that God had totally given up on us and that He just didn’t love us anymore. But one day, we decided to go to this Healing and Deliverance Conference and our lives haven’t been the same!

I have been completely healed from asthma, arthritis, foot pain, back pain, depression, loneliness and feeling completely worthless. My daughters have also been delivered from asthma, depression, anger, and so much more! We now know that God has always loved us and never left us. He can do more for you!

- Michelle F.



Healing from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

My mother was diagnosed with COPD. According to the American Lung Association, this is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States. They state on their website, "it causes serious long term disability and early death. There is no cure for COPD". She travelled 9 hours from Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend our December 10th, 2011 Healing and Deliverance meeting in Katy, Texas. After attending, "all" of her symptoms left her. She was completely healed and her doctor that diagnosed her confirmed the healing. Praise Jesus! God is still working miracles today, there is hope for you, come attend and receive your miracle.

– Julie H.

Healed from Heart Leakages & Murmur

I was born with three leakages in my heart, and with heart murmur. Sometime in 2011, I attended the healing and deliverance miracle services in Odessa, Texas. I came for prayer, and a few days later, I went for a check. My doctor confirmed that the three heart leakages are no longer in existence in my heart, and that the heart murmur has stopped. He further said that my heart is strong and functional fully well. Praise God!

- Gabriella Z.


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